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Software Testing

"Software Testing - BPO Outsourcing introduces Software Testing Development performes various types of testing to our clients at minimum interval of time."

At Business Process Outsourcing Software Testing, we perform as extensive assortment of services, as well as automated and manual software testing, functionality testing, performance testing, stress testing, load testing and compatibility testing.

Software quality testing tools are a very important part of developing and deploying high-quality e-business applications. Create and run automatic test scripts effortlessly with QA.

Business Process Outsourcing IT Services are the head in providing software testing services. Our software testing services includes automated testing, black box testing, performance testing, etc.

Whether you need to supplement staff, conduct special testing projects, or outsource an entire department, Outsource Testing can help. Business Process Outsourcing Software Testing help you obtain it right.

Our software testing outsourcing services are uniquely designed to get together your needs. We don't need you to get used to to our QA testing move toward; our approach adapts to you. You can place the highest degree of assurance in our confirmed test automation tools and methodologies, and in the specialist staff who implement them.

We'll leave no stone unturned in the search for bugs that could get in the way with your software and damage your company's standing. In fact, you can add up on our refined skill and procedure to catch bugs earlier rather than later, saving you substantial expense.

Business Process Outsourcing software Testing offers complete outsources software testing services including:

Functional Software Testing:

Functional testing verifies that each of the variety of product capabilities distinct in the design requirement meets their defined requirements.

Business Process Outsourcing Software testing professionals have many years of experience testing functionality. Whether it's a product you're developing or manufacturing, or one that you're considering purchasing, our team will build up a test plan that meets your testing requirements, schedule, and financial plan.

For products with an obtainable functional specification, we'll test to make sure the product meets all spectacles. Or we can work with you to expand customized testing checklists and recognize all the key features to confirm.

Over the past seven years, the Business Process Outsourcing Expertise has tested across all of the technology products and complex systems. Whatever your functionality testing needs are, we can meet them.

Regression Software Testing:

Quality is frequently appraised by a compilation of regression tests forming a suite of programs that test one or supplementary features of the system. A regression test is written and the consequences are generated. If the results are in error, then the offending bug is corrected. A valid regression test generates confirmed results.

Regression testing serves several purposes. Its main aims are to boost confidence in the correctness of a customized program, and locate errors in that program. It also helps conserve the quality and reliability of the obtainable system, and ensure its sustained operation.

Internal Software testing:

It deals with low-level implementation. Here every function or component is tested. This testing is skilled by the implementation teams. This focus is also called clear-box testing, or sometimes white-box testing, because all details are visible to the test. Internal limits are tested here.

Unit Software testing:

It deals with testing a component as a whole. This would test the communication of many functions but confine the test inside one unit. The correct range of a component is left to understanding. Supporting test code, sometimes called scaffolding, may be essential to hold up an individual test. This type of testing is driven by the structural design and implementation teams. This focus is also called black-box testing because only the details of the frontier are visible to the test. Limits that are global to a unit are tested here.

Application Software testing:

It deals with tests for the complete application. This is driven by the scenarios from the analysis team. Application restrictions and features are tested here.

The application ought to effectively carry out all scenarios before it is prepared for general customer availability. After all, the scenarios are a part of the obligation document and calculate success. Application testing represents the bulk of the testing done by industry.

Unlike the internal and unit testing, which are programmed, these test are frequently driven by scripts that run the system with a compilation of parameters and gather results. In the past, these scripts might have been written by hand but in a lot of modern systems this process can be automated.

Most current applications have graphical user interfaces (GUI). Testing a GUI to guarantee quality becomes a small piece of a problem. Most, if not all, GUI systems have occasion loops. The GUI event loop contains signals for mouse, keyboard, window, and other connected events. Associated with every event are the coordinates on the screen of the event.

The screen coordinates can be connected back to the GUI object and then the event can be serviced. Unfortunately, if some GUI object is located at a different location on the screen, then the coordinates modify in the event loop. Reasonably the events at the new coordinates should be connected with the same GUI object.

This reasonable relationship can be skillful by giving exclusive names to all of the GUI objects and providing the exclusive names as additional information in the events in the event loop. The GUI application reads the after that event off of the event loop, locates the GUI object, and services the event.

The events on the event loop are frequently generated by human actions such as typing characters, clicking mouse buttons, and affecting the cursor. An easy modification to the occasion loop can journal the events into a file. At a later on time, this file could be used to restore the events, as if the human was present, and place them on the event loop.

The GUI application will act in response accordingly. A tester, using the GUI, now executes a scenario. A journal of the GUI event loop from the scenario is captured. At a later time the scenario can be repetitive again and again in an automatic style. The capability to repeat a test is key to automation and stress testing.

Stress Software testing:

It deals with the excellence of the function in the environment. The idea is to create an environment more demanding of the application than the application would experience under normal work loads. This is the hardest and the majority compound category of testing to get done and it requires a joint attempt from all teams.

A trial atmosphere is recognized with a lot of testing stations. At each position, a script is exercising the system. These scripts are frequently based on the deterioration suite. More and more stations are added, all concurrent hammering on the system, until the scheme breaks. The scheme is repaired and the strain test is repeated until a level of strain is reached that is higher than predictable to be present at a customer site.

Race conditions and memory leaks are frequently establish under stress testing. A race circumstance is a divergence between at smallest amount two tests. Each test works appropriately when done in segregation. When the two tests are run in parallel, one or both of the tests fail. This is usually due to an incorrectly managed lock.

A memory pour out happens when a test leaves owed memory behind and does not properly return the memory to the memory share scheme. The test seems to run properly, but after being exercised more than a few times, obtainable memory is condensed until the system fails.

Automating Regression Testing:

There are quite a few motivating forces behind automating testing. The most motivation is based on the potential return on investment when it comes to re-testing. Automation of heart test cases allows human test resources to center at newer and more complex product functionality. Automation can perform rigorous testing of exact aspects of the application, especially stress/load or GUI related components.

Automated regression testing provides a technique of doing an extra total job of testing on a every day basis. The potential for unexpected defects in an unrelated area (the ‘way over there' syndrome) with the opening of a "simple fix" is massive. Automated testing can assist to recognize these unexpected complications supplementary quickly.

Test planning:

Test Planning requirements specifications are outmoded, missing key information, or simply non-existent. Combined with a lack of platform or domain knowledge, developing test plans and test cases becomes a substantial challenge. It's unlikely that such challenges will quickly be overcome because testers are increasingly burdened with supplementary projects to test and fewer times available for test-process planning.

We need an original approach to test development and test implementation. The Diagnostic Approach to Software Testing (DAST) offers a substitute approach that is simple to realize, yet successful in increasing testing efficiency in chaotic environments.

DAST is a process of evolutionary test planning through diagnostic questioning. A doctor does not anticipate you to tell her what infirmity you may have. Although you sometimes have a good guess, the doctor progresses in her examination by asking systematic questions and running tests. The DAST model uses diagnostic analysis--exploring, testing and asking specific questions--to construct requirements, specifications and test cases.

In this talk, we will present the DAST methodology and considerations that can be functional to your instantaneous project needs.

Automation Testing:

It is the procedure of building new automation testing project, understanding the requirements of the project is extremely important. In this article I would like to describe and explain a set of requirements and design considerations, we discover common to the majority of the automation projects.

There are new ideas like “Tests Fixtures management” and “SUT independent” that you might find helpful in projects.

The main requirements

Maintainability: The maintainability is the good number critical factor in automation projects. Most of the automation project (particularly project involving GUI) fails because of preservation problems. When the plan grows there will be more and more tests re-factoring and test building blocks (TBB) re-factoring.

Visibility: The project should carry the needed visibility. Frequently (in functional system testing) we need for 2 layers of visibility.

Detailed view: A report which log each call to each API method in the test. In case of test failure it ought to give enough information to appreciate what failed.

Management view: Give the needed information to the organization squad. Usually the coverage and the status of the run.

It's significant that when writing a test you will not be troubled by supporting the needed views. It should be part of the test building blocks (TBB) responsibilities.

Scalability: Scale is personally associated to maintenance. If you will not design your project to overcome scale problems you will finish up with a lot of maintenance.

Stability//Simplicity: Your automation project should receive the trust of the colleagues, QA engineers and of course the software engineers that enlarge the product you are testing. Stable automation will assist you in this task.

Performance Testing: Performance testing of a circulated software system, such as a multi-tier Web application, is a task much more complex than it may look on the surface. Accomplishment of this task depends on how effectively you resolve the following key problems.


  • Find, deploy, and master test automation tools
  • Create and maintain an adequate test lab
  • Organize an adequate team

The Benefits:

  • We can diminish the cost of testing effort. Outsourcing of performance audit can save you the charge of load testing automation software
  • We can diminish the cost of entire product. Our performance testing services are extremely adaptable to the needs and specifics of your entire project
  • We can considerably improve the quality of the product. We always stand behind the work we do and, in case of performance testing, we endeavor for the quality of your final product as if it was our own

Configuration and compatibility: Business Process Outsourcing Compatibility Testing move toward to compatibility testing is a well-defined and proven methodology with the following salient features:

Business Process Outsourcing Compatibility Testing ensures that a merchandise works in any particular operating environment - any combination of platform, database, application server, browser and other software. Compatibility Testing is all about simulating the user atmosphere during the difficult phase. To make similar user environments, Cognizant assembles the similar set of software, along with the individual versions in order to test the manufactured goods in the applicable environment.

Configuration Definition: The matrix maps the configuration of every environment with the relevant platform, database, browser or software. Selective Testing is used based on the criticality of the user environment. For example, the testing for environments which is used by a greater part of users will be a large amount more rigorous. This approach optimizes the overall testing effort.

Test Execution and Defect Tracking, resulting in comprehensive test reports which our client can use.

Why Business Process Outsourcing for Compatibility Testing?

Methodology: Business Process Outsourcing methodology in compatibility testing has been sophisticated over time. Business Process Outsourcing has a structured approach to undertake compatibility issues, starting from defining the pattern matrix to implementation of test runs.

Our expertise across Platforms and Technologies: Business Process Outsourcing knowledge in compatibility testing spans a multiplicity of platforms and technologies. Its massive experience is extremely important for early identification of compatibility issues.

Product Testing:

We understands the challenges faced in taking to market software products, and has the underlying processes to suit our clients' need in this aspect.

Superior Project Management: Business Process Outsourcing Compatibility Testing capabilities contain delivered flexible, efficient, and cost effective IT solutions on hundreds of large, complex projects worldwide.

Installation Testing:

Installation tests will ensure the installation and configuration process as well as any missing dependencies.

Installation tests test the installation and configuration procedures. These tests are a set of scripts that mechanically download all essential packages and install them.

Installation testing is often an overlooked constituent of testing. This type of testing is performed to ensure that all Install features and options function properly. It is also performed to confirm that all essential components of the application are, indeed, installed.

We perform several installation tests, which include installing the application on:

  • Computers that have the minimum hard drive space required
  • Computers that have the minimum RAM required
  • Removable drives (Zip and Jazz)
  • Drives other than the default drive
  • CLEAN systems (configurations with no other software installed)
  • DIRTY systems (configurations with other programs installed, i.e. anti-virus software, office software, etc.)

We also test the whole user setup options (full, typical, and custom), navigational buttons (Next, Back, Cancel, etc.), and user input fields to ensure that they function correctly and yield the expected result.

The Un-installation of the product also needs to be tested to ensure that all data, executables, and DLL files are detached. The un-installation of the application is tested using DOS command line, Add/Remove programs menu, and through the manual deletion of files.

Whatever your outsourcing needs, Business Process Outsourcing software Testing can:

  • Augment your existing QA staff
  • Provide a complete outsourced testing solution
  • Deliver expertise as you're building a new product or quality assurance group
  • Design and implement your test automation framework with guaranteed return-on-testing-investment
  • Run load, performance and stress tests for your product today
  • Extend your quality assurance capabilities, specifically in localization development efforts
  • Manual Software Testing
  • Improve your QA with our experienced software testers

With our elastic staffing models you can have experienced software testers that need a very short ramp-up time and can commence producing results right away. Whether you need to augment your current staff or you need Business Process Outsourcing software Testing QA testers to perform all of the test functions for your organization, we will allow you to enlarge your QA staff when you need it, and reduce it when your product is prepared for release.

Automated Software Testing Solutions

Automating as much of the QA effort as possible is key for organizations that want to improve their product quality and time-to-market.

Business Process Outsourcing software Testing specialized in developing automated software testing solutions which allow organizations to realize the benefits of automation while avoiding the heavy maintenance burdens which hamper many efforts to automate.

Technology, Methodology and People are Key to Success

Successful automated software testing requires the correct technology, methodology, and people. Business Process Outsourcing software Testing can assist you build an easy-to-use automatic software testing solution through.

Business Process Outsourcing software Testing has experienced engineers on staff and prepared to immediately supplement your script-based automation efforts using accepted tools such as

  • Winrunner
  • QuickTest Pro
  • SilkTest
  • Rational Robot and Functional Tester
  • Custom-built solutions
  • Load/Performance Testing

A developer in our Load Testing Team will be assigned to supervise your plan from start to finish. The team will assist determine the scope, complexity and volume of the load, and the test architecture used for examination execution. We will work personally with your team to develop exact usage scenarios. Our load tests intimately simulate the behavior of real-life users by varying the proceedings and session lengths of replicated users. Most aspects of the load test are totally customizable to meet your detailed business needs.

Offshore Software Testing

Business Process Outsourcing software Testing offshore excellence assurance solutions contain the right blend of resources and expertise for best results.

  • Our primary business is software quality
  • Our people are focused solely on your tests
  • Experienced offshore and US engineering staff

Seasoned test engineers and test/project leads in all locations worldwide, for a really optimized global resolution to meet your exceptional needs.

Fully equipped test labs in multiple location around the world.

For more information about Software Testing you may contact us


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