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Help Desk

"Help Desk - We are Help Desk Outsourcing Company provides Help Desk Management and Help Desk Software to our clients at limited budget and limited time."

Business Process Outsourcing offers variety of Help Desk services.

Help Desk Software

  • Employee Help Desk (Bugs/Clarifications/Enhancement Tracking)
  • Multi Channel contact Center
  • Mobile support

Issue/Project Management

  • Defect Tracking
  • Test Case Management
  • Product Release Management
  • Time & Cost Tracking

Marketing Automation

  • Marketing Management
  • Email Campaigning
  • Direct Mail Campaigning
  • Tele-Marketing
  • Market Analytics

Customer Help Desk

  • Customer support
  • Mobile Support
  • Customer Portal
  • Customer self Service
  • Customer Survey

Help desks are at present core and base type of best business services and process . However, notifying the delicate issues, managing the help desk correctly and choosing the correct tools can properly be a very terrific task. Therefore, Business process outsourcing Help Desk handles your External/Internal task.

External Help Desk is to support your customer's problem tracking, follow up, Time consumption to solve this problem, status reports and Customer survey.

Internal Help Desk is to clarify the issues between employee like Bugs Tracking, Clarifications Tacking and Enhancement Request.

What is a help Desk?

Crucially, the Help Desk is the key focus by which issues/problems are notified and constituently co-ordinate/managed . With a broad aspect, it is also viewed as base part of the service method, answerable for fetching various resources to addressing an issue.

Thus, help desk users can be internally or externally , making the method strengthen typically in details of together the organization's quality processing , and the direct assistant quality provided to customers.

Help Desk system functions

Nevertheless, how do help desks work really? What is there topology in general and what are the critical tasks ? Why do solutions for software ?

All these are crucial and authorized queries – and the queries that must be periodically determined yet while a help desk solution is earlier accepted . This section will encouragingly satisfy this and another based queries .

Help Desk Management

The essential of the help desk methods within an advanced organization or business must NOT be beneath determined. Its soft processing is of encouraging essential complications can determine the specific loss, both financial and reputation.

The Help Desk must be maintained to the greatest obtainable principle , assure conveying of a quality service and determinable . It is the most unintelligent to quit these subjects to risk . This section deals an access to support assure it's the case.

Help Desk Software solutions

Therefore, what are the critical software methods, and why they are provided ? What must you really be seeing for in a help desk solution?

The following deliberates what are the critical methods? Moreover, provides wide data on help desk systems.

Help Desk outsourcing

A developing tendency in recent years has been to outsource the help desk to a third party. This can adopt the support function as a specific thing, or the total of the IT operation involving the help desk function.

Whilst not specific for all organizations or businesses , it should give crucial advantages to some.

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