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GIS Mapping Services

"GIS Mapping Services - We produce GIS Mapping Services to our customers as Geologic, Topographic and Environmental Mapping Services."

Business Process Outsourcing provides solutions for GIS Mapping services. For over 7 years, Business Process outsourcing GIS Mapping Services Expertise has been providing services to our customers. We are capable of providing full services for plan metric and topographic base maps, Digital Terrain and Elevation Modeling, orthophotography and GIS Drafting work.

Business Process Outsourcing GIS Mapping Services provide Geologic, Topographic and Environmental Mapping Services for out customers.

Our Professional Services group supports users to cross across the GIS utilization process efficiently and quickly with transfer of technology.

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a very powerful tool for modeling and viewing spatial relationships in your data. With GIS, you can analyze data ranging from retail sales, urban demographics, and forest stand volumes to drill whole cross-sections.

GIS Services

For fruitful application of GIS technology, you must cautiously determine and plan for your requirements before starting on system achievement and database and application development. Business Process Outsourcing GIS Service expertise consulting staff provides you many services to help the effective databases design, systems and applications to best compete with your requirements.

What is a GIS?

A GIS is a combination of computer hardware and software, and procedures, which together provides a user the ability to collect, store, query, and display spatial data for planning and management problems. In simpler terms, you can think of a GIS as a computerized mapping program where every feature on a map has an attached database of information.

If you clicked on a segment of a railway line you could find out, for example, the owner of that railway line, the number of tracks, the volume of coal/timber/cars/etc that was transported along that segment last month or last year.

A GIS may integrate tools from various technologies, such as computer-assisted cartography, computer graphics, computer-aided design (CAD), surveying and photogrammetry, database management, remote sensing and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

  • Orientation seminars
  • User needs assessment
  • Data evaluation
  • Functional requirements definition
  • Requirements analysis
  • Institutional planning
  • Cost/Benefit analysis
  • Cost recovery strategies

Business Process Outsourcing GIS Mapping services in this area include:

  • Designing and populating your databases
  • Linking databases to a map for geographic analysis
  • GIS modeling and analysis for clients
  • Integration of GIS tools with image processing tools
  • Creating clear, meaningful maps for your application (very important)
  • Recommending the most appropriate GIS and/or image processing system for your needs

Web Based GIS

Business process outsourcing Web dependent GIS offers approach to interactive spatial analysis, geographic/market/business and mapping data for several users both internal to your organization and on the Internet for specific clients. Business Process outsourcing GIS can offer customizable, complete online mapping solutions without the maximum cost of maintenance, personnel, or hardware . These solutions can start from simple interactive mapping to complex analysis all on a web dependent application that is safe and opera table24 hours a day and year round.


Maps are a strong potent path to show information. Several industries do not have in-house resources obtainable to offer and design maps. Business Process Outsourcing can generate maps depending on even a thought or can combine your inside data with our vast variety of mapping abilities .

All Mapping Services can be tailor-made to your organization.


Geocoding is the act of allotting geographic correlates data depending upon area information. Business Process Outsourcing utilizes Tiger Line and GDT data with http/SOAP and in-house geocoding solutions. Geocoding, while combined with various types of analysis and mapping can give boundless perceptions on your data.

Business Process Outsourcing GIS Mapping also has custom SOAP application development as well as HTTP geocoding request services for geocoding.

The following prices are for FTP geocoding (files are exchanged between Business Process Outsourcing GIS Mapping and client).

Delivery Point Validation/CASS Processing

Delivery Point Validation is the process in which an address is verified against a USPS database of current and existing addresses. This service can defend against undeliverable return mail and increase the accuracy of geocoding. With the integration of Delivery Point Validation into address matching processes (CASS), you can not only verify addresses that actually have USPS delivery points but also standardize the addresses to current USPS standards. GIS Dynamics also offers the most up-to-date street level, block group, and zip code geocoding available as an additional service.

CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) process validates and standardizes addresses for fast, accurate postal processing. This type of service will standardize the address to current USPS standards.

Business Process Outsourcing GIS Mapping offers unbeatable service, turnaround times, up-to-date-data, and customer support. We offer many different price models but have the ability to offer unlimited record processing each month with reasonable monthly fees.

Routing Services

Business Process Outsourcing GIS Mapping uses cutting edge technology to create specific types of routes while incorporating multiple variables that include:

  • Incident/Facility Routing
  • Multiple Stopping Points
  • Turn-by-Turn Directions
  • Side of Street Approach
  • Drive Time, Distance, Number of Turns
  • Primary, Secondary or Minor Road Weighting
  • HTML or Database Route Creation

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