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At Business process outsourcing provides services for Utilities industry for the following services:

Utility Finances: Since most utility work can be financed with tax-exempt debt, whether governmental or private purpose, the cost of capital under privatization can be competitive with municipal financing. Through a water or wastewater concession transaction, a community can realize immediate financial value from its utility assets.

Utility Operations & Maintenance: Persistent difficulties in achieving compliance and in providing consistent, long-term, quality service can be permanently resolved by engaging such a contract operator. Business Process Outsourcing Utility management can bring experience gained through years of operating numerous systems and technologies to bear in your community. As technologies become more sophisticated, operations become more complex, and the risk of non-compliance increases.

Utility Management: The direct cost, compliance, performance, and financial benefits, outsourcing utilities enables local leaders to concentrate their energies on other programs and functions. At least one headache--utility management--can be cured. The everyday administration of utility systems has become a saddle to good number communities, tough professional and administration resources that can be enhanced focused on other municipal and community needs. Outsourcing provides a way for communities "to get out of the business" of utility management devoid of giving up ownership, rate setting power, and capital development decision-making.

Outsourced Utility functions

Contract operations and outsourcing approaches can be functional to practically all-utility functions. Beginning with the process of treatment works, contracting can be comprehensive to include administration of compilation and allocation systems, customer service, and activities such as:

  • Billing and collection
  • Fleet management
  • Capital improvement planning and implementation
  • New facilities design and construction
  • IPP implementation and management
  • Watershed development
  • Rate structure revision and implementation

An array of monetary arrangements is also achievable. Beginning with small or no funding or monetary involvement by a contractor

Arrangements of Outsourcing

  • The payment of concession fees
  • Lease rentals or annual royalties by the contractor
  • Debt defeasance and refinancing
  • Funding of major capital improvements for the utilities or other municipal projects
  • Creation of new revenue sources
  • The improvement of billing and collection practices and results

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