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Life Science

Life Sciences let's firms do more with fewer at lesser costs. Faster, flexible, reliable and secure solutions. Leaner supply chains, Anti counterfeiting securing your healthcare supply chain. Business intelligence creating a round the clock view of the customer.

Business Intelligence services to enhance customer visibility.

Customer Relationship Management to help sales reps influence prescription decisions and cultivates relationships with physicians.

Business process outsourcing provides solution as below:

  • Program Management Assessment
  • Program and Project Management
  • Information Security and Identity Management
  • Regulatory Affairs and Quality Compliance
  • IT Strategic Planning and Governance
  • Application/Systems Development and Integration
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Integrated Document Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Clinical Data Standards
  • R&D Data Analysis and Management
  • Data and Systems Integration for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Clinical Study Information Exchange
  • Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management

At Business process outsourcing provides services for Life Science industry for the following services:

Facility Infrastructure utilization

We provide start-up companies with access to space, equipment and skilled staff in our certified class 1,000 manufacturing environment, which can be utilized to build prototypes or small lots of product to support clinical evaluations.

Contract stream sterilization

We can program any preferred sequence parameters and copy an accessible sterilization cycle or build up a cycle for dedicated requirements.

Sterilization validations are performed according to ANSI/AAMI/ISO guidelines. Our staff will arrange the protocol, achieve all required sterilization cycles, carry out all testing and produce a complete final report. Customers review and agree the protocol ahead of the justification process begins.

Sterilization validation

Business Process Outsource life science provides:

  • E-Beam sterilization
  • EtO gas sterilization
  • Gamma radiation sterilization
  • Steam sterilization (in-house)

Package validation:

Business Process Outsource life science performs tests designed to determine if your package design is adequate BEFORE the validation process is started.

Process validation

  • Heat seal qualification for packaging equipment
  • Parts washing/cleaning to eliminate particulates or reduce bio-burden
  • Pull test validation to determine the effectiveness of bonding operations
  • Specific manufacturing equipment validations
  • Software Development
  • Web application Development
  • Back-office support

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