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Capital Markets

Business process outsourcing provides services for Capital Market industry for the following services:

Business Process Outsourcing assist capital markets leaders understand significant price advantages and superior service levels from side to side selective outsourcing of non-differentiating business functions to a familiar leader who has delivered results to all of the Fortune Global 500 capital markets companies.

Business Process Outsourcing Managed Reference Data Services can assist. Using often enhanced and extra complete source content than a client uses today, with proprietary information restricted to Business Process Outsourcing, Managed Reference Data Services uses a combination of technology and accomplished resources to standardize, cleanse, authorize and collective multi-source content according to a set of business policy to share out a single, identical golden copy data offer for to the client as a managed service.

Business Process Outsourcing Managed Reference Data Services achieves the goals of standardization, centralization and clearness of the business policy in a multi origin configuration, so information excellence and constancy almost always get better measurably. With Business Process Outsourcing Managed Reference Data Services, primary and backup sources for content are prioritized and standardized, the business policy for the sanitization logic are translucent and consistently applied and the entire operation is centralized to facilitate organization oversight and control.


Business Process Outsourcing services for Portfolio management services for capital Markets.

Business Process Outsourcing's end-to-end Banking and Capital Markets (BCM) business process outsourcing solutions merge domain knowledge, process management, and technology to distribute increased operational efficiency, enhanced customer management, and enhanced quality at low operational risk. Our solutions, centered on a mix of onsite and offshore liberation capabilities, can scale up rapidly according to your geographic and business priorities.

Financial services clients supply to over 45% of Business Process Outsourcing's annual revenues Over 100 personnel are employed in the Business Process Outsourcing Capital Market Services.

An end-to-end solution based consulting approach

Delivery centers in Chennai, Bangalore, and Houston.

Client base covering Mortgage, Retail Banking, Investment banking, Securities Operations, Brokerage and Trading, Asset Management, etc.

Solution offering:

  • Custodian Services
  • Pre-settlement
  • Settlement
  • Corporate actions
  • Clearing
  • Taxation
  • Income processing
  • Reconciliation

Asset Management

  • Account opening
  • Trade processing
  • Client accounting
  • Client helpdesk
  • Technical helpdesk
  • Transfer Agency
  • Account opening
  • Reference data management
  • Transaction processing
  • Compliance, internal & regulatory reporting

Fund Administration

  • Reference data management
  • Reconciliation
  • Client reporting
  • Client helpdesk
  • Transaction processing

Business Process Outsourcing’s Capital Market practice has developed a ‘Center of Excellence’ in Capital Markets to centralize specialized knowledge in the capital markets domain spread across individuals and customer engagements in the company and advance it through extensive training and certification programs.

Offshore Enabling Solutions

Our capabilities include:

  • Mailroom management
  • Document management (scanning, imaging, hosting)
  • Workflow management


Companies considering business process outsourcing require looking beyond the obvious cost arbitrage and addressing a number of enterprise-wide issues: What are the regulatory and operational risks? How do we ensure that there is no business disruption? What investments are needed in technology? How will the change be managed? Are we ready for the change? Business Process Outsourcing's ‘Discovery' helps customers find answers to these and similar questions over a four to six week period.

Steady State Operations

Business Process Outsourcing has a vigorous governance structure to make sure that customers can frequently monitor slightly running processes from side to side online portals, and through daily, weekly and monthly calls to ensure two-way communication to flag and supervise issues. We have a structured appreciation matrix and process for dispute declaration.

Business Process Outsourcing habitually runs excellence upgrading initiatives under the Six Sigma structure and we assign to ongoing yearly efficiency improvements on all information processes.

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