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E-Books Publishing

" The next Generation in digital publishing. Digital conversion services - from paper to e-Book. "

Business Processing Outsourcing in the city of Houston, US create electronic books (e-books) from hard copy source material including images and photographs. We also convert and create e-Books from many electronic formats including HTML, Frame Maker, Quark, and MSWord etc. for many international publishers and organizations.

Business Process Outsourcing PDF Conversion Services specializes in PDF conversion projects. With our mixture of scanners, Image Enhancement & Adobe Tools and our knowledge of how these tools all work together; you can simply translate paper documents into packed in, searchable portable files ready for publishing on the internet, Web site, by email or by CD-ROM.

Business Process Outsourcing PDF Conversion Services can translate your paper documents into packed in, searchable PDF files ready for publishing on your intranet, Web site, by e-mail or by CD-ROM, using the latest scanning and imaging technology. Information cargo space and retrieval that once took minutes or even hours is now only seconds away.

PDF has turn into the most extensively used electronic format in litigation, technical & reference documents and research material. It is the number one way to share out documents or distribute them to the web and we can take you there for a fraction of in-house costs. No costly equipment, software licenses and training, just high-quality results at very aggressive prices.

Types PDF Services

  • Conversion of paper documents (books, files, brochures, reports), transparencies or engineering drawings to PDF
  • Conversion to PDF from graphic formats like TIFF or JPEG, page authoring software like Quark Express, PageMaker, Frame Maker, web page formats like HTML, XML, SGML, word processing formats like MS Word, RTF
  • Conversion from PDF to application formats such as MS Word, Excel, Access WordPerfect, RTF, or to structured formats like SGML, HTML, and XML
  • Image extraction from PDF documents to other image formats like TIFF, JPEG etc
  • Forms processing using PDF, to create a single format for online and print use

Output or Results of PDF Services

PDF image is an image bitmap of the genuine document. The complete text is not searchable but index can be inserting during the translation process.

PDF searchable Image (also called Image + Hidden Text): This article format has the major file size with completely searchable text. Created from a Postscript file or editor, it contains a bitmap image with surrounded text within the document.

PDF Formatted Text and Graphics (also known as PDF Normal): This article format has the smallest file size and is the most accepted format for viewing and printing quality and for transport on the web.

What if I need to ship my paper documents to Business Process Outsourcing?

This can be done quite carefully and easily using a messenger service like FedEx.UPS/DHL. As shipping is an extra charge borne by the customer, some of our customers desire to scan the documents themselves and FTP them to us on our safe server.

We do the services for the following Industry.

  • Educational institutions
  • Real estate companies
  • Publishing houses
  • Legal firms
  • Finance companies
  • Firms in the business of architecture
  • Engineering
  • Corporate construction
  • Libraries
  • Historical societies
  • Design and print shops
  • Utilities
  • Enterprises

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