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Telemarketing Services

"We are the best quality Telemarketing Services outsourcing services in the industry."

Business to Business (B2B)

  • Marketing Research & Surveys
  • Demand Generation
  • Sales by Phone
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting

Business Process Outsourcing Telemarketing is the largest part interactive marketing medium available. Telemarketing allows you to answer your prospects questions, address their concerns, and overcome their objections.

Business Process Outsourcing Telemarketing is the only marketing medium that allows you to regulate your plan midstream and make any changes at any occasion required to increase results. With telemarketing, you can alter both your offer and spectators with just one phone call. Telemarketing scripts can be condensed with a moments perceive. And telemarketing calling hours can be attuned.

Business Process Outsourcing Telemarketing Services will work with your business to develop and implement best practice based Sales and Marketing programs. To realize the benefits of our services Contact us today to schedule an initial, no cost, no obligation assessment.

Business to Consumer (B2C)


  • Web Services Integration
  • List Acquisition
  • Data Cleansing
  • Segmentation
  • Data Append
  • Reverse Look Up

Sales and Sales Support

  • Event Marketing
  • eMail Marketing
  • Telephone Sales


  • Lead Generation
  • Sample Surveys
  • Polls
  • Focus Groups
  • Direct Mail

Customer Loyalty/Retention

  • Follow Up/Opinion Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Keep In Touch Programs
  • Newsletter/Event Marketing

Business Process Outsourcing telemarketing can be used by the following industries:

  • Mortgage companies
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Real estate companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Auto dealers
  • Band card processors
  • MLM companies
  • Sales and service companies
  • Legal services

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