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Lead Generation

" We are the best quality Lead Generation outsourcing services in the industry."

What we do?

Identify, Develop and Convert Sales Leads!

Increase your sales productivity by turning the job of prospecting, intelligence gathering and lead nurturing over to a specialized data and telemarketing firm.

Sales reps want great sales leads. Marketing needs to generate qualified sales leads.

Business Process Outsourcing Lead Generation provides services and software that bridge the gap between marketing and sales where opportunities are lost, allowing you to increase marketing ROI while filling pipelines with great sales leads.

Business Process Outsourcing Lead Generation educated, experienced b2b telemarketers:

  • Develop a targeted prospect list
  • Gather information
  • Create a database to track prospects and rate leads
  • Deliver campaign reports and hot leads via email or fax

Lead generation is a key component for victory no matter what industry you are in. Good lead generation programs can produce massive profits; poor lead generation wastes your precious time and money.

Our clean lead generation lists can assist you place and reach you're best residential and marketable projection with our up-to-date lead generation catalog. Our lead generation lists will save you time and money by focusing your advertising campaigns on homeowners and business decision makers who really need your products and services. Our customer and industry lead generation lists provide you the facility to goal your prospects by very precise selection criteria.

Our lead generation techniques helped hundreds of companies get their significance to their best potential prospects.

In just 24 hours, Business Process Outsourcing Lead Generation can make up to 350 calls and turn lists of cold names into hot prospects.

  • Qualify prospects against pre-determined criteria
  • Supply leads ranked according to interest level and buying cycle
  • Set sales appointments and support contact management
  • Deliver customized weekly call reports for analysis

Every business needs to generate new business or else sales will stagnate and recede. However, while there's only one Everest, business has many resources for generating new business prospects. Here are a few of the more popular media you can use to generate sales leads: newspapers, magazines, TV, the World Wide Web, direct mail, radio, trade shows, exhibitions, and B2B (business-to-business) telemarketing.

Business Process Outsourcing Lead Generation services are:

Locate decision makers, influencers, Doorkeepers

  • Determine appropriate targets for the product or service
  • Leverage Doorkeepers to gain information and open doors
  • Qualify leads against predetermined criteria
  • Rate prospects for interest level and buying cycle
  • Funnel ranked and rated leads to sales teams
  • Set sales appointments and support contact management
  • Work within sales process for lead qualification and lead nurturing
  • Obtain referrals for prospecting and hot sales leads
  • Clean list to remove inactive or unresponsive names
  • Analyze call results to measure campaign effectiveness

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