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Appointment Setting

"Appointment Setting - We are the best quality Appointment Setting services in the industry."

Cost Effective solution with giant sized results.

Business Process Outsourcing appointment setting proposition is simple - you give us your wish-list and we get you in-front of them.

Our team of experienced sales people and appointment makers are experts at opening doors for you at levels not possible with other outbound telemarketing companies. We know how to work with PA's, how to structure emails to get results, and how to engage with C-level, or senior line-of-business heads.

For target account penetration we source detailed contact profiles and will make multiple approaches to find the best way in. We already have many contacts within top FTSE companies and are continually developing our networks to create more opportunities for you.

Our appointment setting service is ideal for Directors and VP's with business development roles, or startups who want rapid exposure to strategic partners or potential major accounts

Appointment Setting

Our Appointment Setting outsourcing service capabilities include:

  • Mortgage or insurance appointment setting
  • Introduce product or service to new customers
  • Promote products or services
  • Schedule appointments for your sales team
  • Outsource cold calling
  • Perform market research and surveys
  • Update and clean a list or client database

We are always elastic to accommodate the extraordinary requirements of our customers, in fact we always create personalized solutions for every client we have. We suggest no compulsion test pilots to see if our services are accurate for your business.

Our value is unsurpassed in the industry. We can work with constrained budgets and produce greatest results for your buck.

Telemarketing is not only a numbers game but is dependent on the skills of the call agent. We simply have the best value for your money.

If you are doing cold calling in house you should consider our services, we can do it for less and produce more results for your money.

We are extremely expert in appointment setting. Our agents can work on your huge lead lists and create believable sales pitches to hundreds of associates a day. They are a specialized front line sales force that convinces your prediction of the reimbursement of your invention and service.

Once the prospect is well-versed, attracted and capable - our agents will set an appointment for your enthusiastic sales team to finish the work. We use a dedicated online calendar to synchronize our mutual efforts in real time. Appointment setting is the only way to assemble a one on one meeting with your sales force and your clients.

This is a powerful force multiplier that will generate much superior efficiencies to your accessible sales team. Let us do the sound work and your team close the finishing sale.

Business Process Outsourcing Appointment Setting experienced teams can canvass prospective customers to place schedule on behalf of your sales representatives.

An ordinary fear of the arrangement of appointments is that of a earlier poor experience. Our enthusiastic team understands the significance of ensuring that the appointments are not only well qualified but that they are also well spaced, have sufficient time in between to travel contentedly.

We make sure that all contact and background details have been captured and that the scheduled time has been established with the decision-maker on the day.

Whether you have a large sales team or work by yourself, we can produce the appointments your business requirements in order to meet its sales objectives and new industry targets.

Our Appointment Setting includes:

Identifying the suitable decision-maker and capturing their details - fax number, e-mail address etc. The appearance of your service or product(s) to the decision-maker, with the objective of securing a skilled, quality appointment. Information regarding all calls made, together with the functional information captured will be recorded and forwarded to you in a description format at the end of each week, every day or decided period.

This in sequence will increase into extremely detailed marketplace information that becomes your property and can consequently be used in any future marketing activity.

A good appointment setting policy will allow your sales team to use more time in front of your latent clients, closing deals, and less time office bound dealing with administrative tasks.

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