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" Telephone Dictation Transcription - We are providing Telephone Transcription in the process of Telephone Dictation to our entire customers all over the universe."

  • Save money. (No Hardware required)
  • No more hardware or software maintenance cost
  • Toll Free telephone dictation services for fewer prices per minute
  • 24/7 access to your telephone dictation system
  • Automatic transmission of Telephone dictation files to Doctors / Attorneys
  • Just dials the toll free number from anywhere. You will be received digital file immediately and within TAT time, you will be receiving Transcribed file
  • Dictation recorder or tapes. Call 1-800 number and dictate and once completed, just hang on. You will receive your Telephone dictation file and we transcribe the Telephone dictation file and send back the Transcribed file

Also, we provide web site to track your files and to know the status. Just login to site and track your files status. You can download your transcribed files any time.

We maintain transcribed files for 3 months in our server. When download, we follow the HIPAA rules and send the transcribed files in zip format with password protection. This system is suitable for the entire medical and law offices, and any business or public organization that uses telephone dictation.

Primary use is telephone dictation transcription to avoid digital recorder, upload and downloading files. Mainly for offices/businesses with telephone dictation as primary need Flexible and scalable option for transcription service Easy-to-use Telephone Dictation Center--dictate over the phone away from the office: Capture telephone dictation transcription and transcribed files from anywhere.

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