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Paralegal Services

"Paralegal Services - We support Paralegal Services with documents which are keyed, proof read and counted. We produce output as per client needs."

Business Process Outsourcing Paralegal Services are glad to provide various types of paralegal services in a venture to bring down rise in the litigation costs and case management tangential .

At Business Process Outsourcing Paralegal Services, We provide:

Legal Transcription / Virtual Stenography

Business Process Outsourcing Paralegal Services, Our legal transcription services furnished a Toll Free number in agitation. You can just call, enter your password and agitate . Within hours, documents are keyed, proofread, lines counted, and reports conveyed to you in Microsoft Word format and Emailed to you instantly and informed by E-mail. You can download the safe file as and when needed .

Highlights of legal transcription services are:

  • Toll free number to agitate and to agitation file will be transformed to you and transformed file will be forwarded with 12-24 hour transposition on a safe network.
  • Files can be downloaded as and when needed . Files cab be downloaded by 128 bit SSL with password protection.
  • Virtual legal transcription, stenographer at beck and call

Case Law Research

A team of qualified and experienced professionals to handle your case law research requirements can:

  • Research, screen and identify applicable case laws
  • Perform an exhaustive search on online databases pertaining to specific legal issues
  • Provide you with a concise outline highlighting relevant case laws and statutes with electronic links
  • Create head notes and synopses for court decisions in trial, appeal and supreme courts

Deposition Support Services

Business Process Outsourcing Paralegal Service, We offer a full enrichment of deposition support services, involving

  • Audio/Video conversion to text in various formats
  • Transcription recovery - Summation load ready
  • Searchable files from audio/video tapes
  • Deposition and trial transcript summaries

Patent & Trademark Search

Business Process Outsourcing Paralegal Services, with our patent searches, we can:

  • Research availability of a trademark
  • Search databases for all previous public disclosures (prior art)
  • Trademark searches on federal and state registrations, applications and common law marks
  • Deliver a search report with recommendations
  • Provide copies of patents (hard copy, electronic or web-links) relevant to your invention

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