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Order Entry

"Order Entry - We do Data Entry for Order Entry and send data to Customer as the file format they needed."

At Business process outsourcing Sales order entry, we perform the sales order data entry for the sales order entry manually written by the sales man. We attain the sales order entry information by fax and we do key in the data entry for sales order entry and resend to data to customer in needed file format.

We obtain the files in. tiff format and we perform the data entry for each sales order entry and resend the data to customer instantly.

Sales order entry system

What are our sales order entry systems ?

Our Sales order entry is an in-expansive solution, which permits a salesperson to spontaneity of the sales order process. The system was build to permit your salespeople to instantly and flexibly submit the information (customer, product, quantities, special coding, special instructions, etc...) that is needed for creating a sales order in your company order entry system.

The system comprises of one or more handhelds processing the Sales Order Entry software and an Office Tools application processing on an office PC or network that has admittance to the current office sales order entry system. Customer and product information is downloaded to the handheld computers to utilize by the salesperson at sales calls. Sales orders that were wrote at the day are then retransformed to the office utilizing a cascaded connection or by modem. These orders are then arranged and delivered to the current office sales order entry system. By refluxing the sales order process, the salesperson has timely, unique data at all times and because the order is prepared to be "posted" to the office sales order entry system while it was transformed , the free time and promising errors linked to "re-keying" the order in the office are collapsed.

Order Entry Benifits

Major Advantages of the Sales Order Entry System comprises of :

  • Eliminates submission of orders by paper, fax or voice
  • Reduces potential for errors by minimizing the number of times that the order is handled
  • Increases order handling efficiency
  • Reduces lead-time
  • Allows easy access to timely and accurate information
  • Reduces possibility for "lost orders

Order Entry Features

Features and Functionality of the Sales Order Entry System include:

  • Customer Lists and Lookups
  • Product Lists and Lookups
  • On Screen Order Review
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Ability to Capture Order Comments
  • Record Collection of Cash or Checks
  • History by Customer and Product
  • Case/Each Product Entry Capability
  • Direct Connect or Modem Transfer Capability
  • Automatic Update of Customer and Product Information with Order Transmission

Web Sales order entry and Tracking


Reduce time and develop productivity while you allow customers pass and trace their own orders through the web! Web Sales Order Entry & Tracking is a finished web -dependent Sales order entry and order-tracing package that permits your customers to place orders, trace orders, extract evidence of conveying information, and in-deed re-print invoices from everywhere !


  • Address books
  • Manifests
  • Printable shipping labels
  • Searchable database
  • Instant updates
  • Notification emails
  • View and print invoices

How it works?

  1. Customer goes to your web site and clicks the link to web sales order entry
  2. Customer logs in with their name and password
  3. Customer enters a new order
  4. Comet Web Sales Order Entry & Tracking automatically remembers all customer addresses for fast entry. A label may be printed at the customer's site to attach to the shipment
  5. Orders appear in Comet Dispatcher marked as web orders
  6. Dispatcher assigns a driver and updates the Dispatcher screen
  7. Updated order status information is available in real time via the web sales order entry site
  8. Customers can track orders anytime from anywhere!


  1. Comet Web Sales Order Entry & Tracking Module requires multi-user Comet
  2. A standard Windows NT server with a full time Internet connection
  3. A locally hosted web site

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