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Medical Billing Outsourcing Services

"Medical Billing - BPO Outsourcing brings Medical Billing as one of our services to our customers all over the universe."

Business Process Outsourcing Medical Billing Services and solutions offer timely and appropriate claims filing, by the cost efficient utilization of instinct processes on-shore and trained certified off-shore diagnostic coders.

Medical Billing Outsourcing Companies

Our services involve scanning/imaging, web repository, billing service, diagnostic and procedure coding, adjudication and data capture. We provide a one-stop cost efficient and timely solution to all your HCFA 1500, UB92 and ADA and other forms processing requirements .

Solutions for Providers

We offer Medical Billing Services to hospitals, physician practices, ambulatory and medical billing corporations .

Our enhanced instinct processes and software, real time data capture and database management and certified (CPT) coders assure unique , honest and flexible coding. This accepts in substantially developing the revenues and cash flows for our clients.

Our Medical Billing Services include:

  • Document preparation and imaging
  • Determination of Diagnosis Codes ( ICD)
  • Determination Of Procedure Codes (CPT)
  • Data Capture Of Patient and Other Key Information
  • Data Storage And Retrieval
  • Charge entry
  • Claim generation & transmission
  • Payment posting
  • Receivables management
  • Provider enrolment assistance
  • Accounts Receivables follow up
  • End-to-end or partial scope billing services
  • Solutions on proprietary third party billing platforms

Solutions For Payers

Business Process Outsourcing Medical Billing Services and solutions assist timely and unique claims clarification and judgment , by the cost efficient utilization of instinct processes on-shore and trained certified offshore coders.

  • Medical Billing Claims Processing Services
  • Claims Adjudication
  • Store and capture claims as images
  • Physician Patient Record Management
  • Insurance Forms Processing (all types)
  • Conversion of all paper/scanned documents into an electronic database
  • Database Maintenance
  • Data Search and Retrieval
  • Data Capture
  • Internet based repository

Business Process Outsourcing Medical Billing Services evaluates HCFA 1500, UB92 forms on daily terms. Claims based documents are accepted either by TIFF format or by Fax. The resultant data is formatted into electronic claims that are transformed to our clients in an ASCII comma delimited, flat ASCII, for processing.

At Business Process Outsourcing Medical Billing Services, We evaluate individual HCFA and UB92 claims as well as dental claims. The claims are accessible and ordered into different files:

We offer study management software for providers to access Medical billing and Coding and at the completion of the day, they may ftp the patient billing and coding information in protected FTP server. We Download and access the claims and present to Insurance companies.

In addition, we proceed up on the inconsistency , arrange out, and proceed up until Bills Receivable.

Once the forms are scanned and coded accomplished, they are given a bate number and an image number which is sorted in the final resultant file gathered with that claim.

Once the batch is finished, and the image record is tabbed as keyed, the instinct job-flow process precedes the batch across the resultant queue into a flat file catching the job in an ASCII or comma delimited format. At the completion of the day , we create a transformation report with the file that determines each one of the batches, which were evaluated .

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