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Litigation Coding Services Companies

" Litigation Coding - We are the leading provider of Litigation Coding Outsourcing Services all over the world."

Business Process Outsourcing Litigation Coding exploits the advanced versions in scanning and coding techniques to convey the extremely effective imaging solutions attainable today. We provide both domestic and offshore coding to offer pricing applicable to every job, and work with particular clients to estimate the service level that will get extreme exactness to meet their requirements.

Litigation Coding Process

Business Process Outsourcing Litigation coding offers case set-up at convenient worldwide. Upon receipt, paper documents are arranged and generated for scanning depending on the each client specifications . Fields catches at scan time involves :

  • Beginning Bates
  • Ending Bates
  • Attachment range
  • Box or source
  • Document ID

Electronic file folders can be determined at the scanning time to copy contents of box or file.

All the coding was made from images, not originals, to stimulate quality as well as speed. Business Process Outsourcing Litigation Coding powerful coding system permits capturing of both bibliographic and subjective data.

Litigation Coding Quality

Business Process Outsourcing Litigation coding quality control applications that involves an extreme evaluation of scanned images; document rescanning (if needed ), and /or the augmentation of comments in respect to the quality of the native . Business Process Outsourcing Litigation coding conveys a furnished product with consistent usability and effectively using:

  • Trained and experienced staff
  • Quality control checks

Images and coded data accessed by Business Process Outsourcing Litigation coding can be utilized with Business Process Outsourcing Litigation coding Proprietary Coding software or output to else various formats for use with other rescue systems.

Bibliographic Coding

  • Code directly fromimage
  • Coding capacity of over 100,000 images per week
  • Quality Control for each image
  • Automatic date validation
  • Bulk Quality Control
  • Client and project specific customization of fields
  • Client consultation for confirmation on subjective "judgment call" items

Document coding offers a methodical, relevant organization of your documents for productive data extracts . The purpose of Coding is t o find and grab appropriate data from the image collections . It generates database(s) of your wish, depending on the fields applicable to specific case needs . Data Fields usually involves document date, title, type, Author, Recipient, Copyee as well as attributes such as Marginalia, Foreign Language, Handwritten etc.

Logical document boundaries and Attachment Range relationships are typical to the evaluation and utilization of a database. Henc e, the teams that are allotted to this crucial task are our most expertise professionals. In logical unitization, we utilize key variables to differentiate documents from each other and to define attachment relationships across continuous documents. This type of Bibliographic coding can also be manual to permit Email threads to be coded discretely or grouped same documents depending on title, date etc. as sometimes needed for issue depended coding.

Our coders are expertise to meet the particular requirements of our clients reaching from Standard Bibliographic Coding to highly complex multi-tiered in-text and subjective data grab.

The QC teams are expertise to assign suitable and generated titles. Names-in-text, marginalia names and keywords are frequently grabbed to address in-depth coding for easy extract of all applicable records.

Our proprietary coding Software is conventional for purporting documents, Logical Document Determination (unitization), coding and Quality check and Huge Quality check (Before Delivery).

Documents Import:

Business Process Outsourcing Litigation Coding, Custom design appropriate software generated to purport the batches of scanned documents and set into the system with or without unitized.

Logical Document Determination/Unitization

At Business Process Outsourcing Litigation Coding, at unitization phase, a Litigation coding team differentiates logical documents from each other and determines parent-child attachment relationships between them. Because logical document boundaries and attachment ranges are crucial to the evaluation and utilization of a database; the most expertise teams of professionals are allotted to this task. A Unitization QC team evaluates the Unitization for uniqueness.


Business Process Outsourcing Litigation Coding Coders grab data in the appropriate fields. There is 100% QC of each coder's work. Queries and determinations are documented by the Team leaders every day , and are submitted to the client whenever necessary. The staff gets frequent training updates, as modifications are made to the set of guidelines.

Quality Assurance

Business Process Outsourcing Litigation Coding Quality assurance factors build into our appropriate coding tool to abort the existence of absolute formatting and keying errors like misspelling, invalid dates , and invalid bates number etc. With the utilization of split screens, the quality control teams perform 100% initial QC of the coded data and consistent batch QC to procure the highest quality outcome to the client.

Business Process Outsourcing Litigation Coding provides document treasury services that are safe , facility and cost effective . Clients are offered with a password-protected area on a safe web dependent network that permits easy sharing of data files. Files can be processed , updated and performed with this service offering easy process to your case files at any time. Our treasury bears personnel and project managers are obtained to sustain with search and extract requests, and managing and updating databases.

Web Based Coding/Online Data Capture

Business Process Outsourcing Litigation Coding provides a substitute solution to the high prices of critical on-shore bibliographic coding by the utilization of web-dependent images. Our experienced coders code the documents by the utilization of a browser to see images on a safe password secure internet treasure without the requirement of CDs, FTP conversion or hard copy, further developing secure information.

Clients can see the coded data with the linked images on the web treasury.

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