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Legal Transcription Outsourcing Service

"Legal Transcription - We are a leading provider of Legal Transcription Services in US working with clients all over the world."

We are currently one of the leading legal transcription companies in the U.S., with regional presence in Texas.

Legal Transcription Company

We transform allegations, listening, and court tapes into almost any language. We can work with all media formats, involving 4-track tapes, and our prime areas in downtown Texas to assure fast service. More over we can index each word in the records and create a manuscript.

Our employees know the secure behavior of legal cases—they only included on a requirement- to- understand core and are all bonded by non- relevant agreements. Certification is available as required .

We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Business Process Outsourcing (Legal Transcription Services) offers Legal Transcription Services or legal records by taking audiotapes and client's video. We provide a legal digital transcription service utilize client's digital voice recordings. We provide quality legal transcription at an extreme quality service and available rate. In common, legal transcription is regarding generating legal records from written or prescribed information.

We offer transcription services or legal records to assembly planners, governmental bodies, organizations, and law firms . Legal transcription also provides execution, audio-recording services and translation. Transcription services involve legal transcription, medical transcription and corporate transcription.

The legal documents operations include ONLINE operations or OFF-LINE operations. Actually , the sound file may be e- mailed to us in the format of wav or any other format differentiable sound files or attach it on a pre-estimated site. The sound files may also be kept in a FTP server for the legal records file to be transformed . The transcription jobs have deal by greatly verified people to maximize the market share of transcription jobs.


We assure you 98-99% accurately because each file that is transformed is verified and updated by an American qualified, expertise and trained Quality controller. For advocates, professionals, attorneys, etc all whom can't allow losing there valuable time, outsourcing Legal Transcription Services is the great substitute .

Outsource Legal Transcription Services supports to develop concentrate on base ability and develop growth. Transcription, a versatile company that offers data entry services, transcription services (legal transcription ,voice transcription, medical transcription), outsourcing services, is your great venture for offshore Legal Transcription Services that is as reputable as its name.

We can perform legal transcription services in the given items :

  • General correspondence
  • Letters Legal pleadings
  • Interrogations Subpoenas Briefs
  • Any other Legal Transcription Services

Our completion finishes by the utilization of art type of legal transcription software together with literate transcription professionals .

We undertake legal transcription posts in any format – may be print media, or by voice media. We take exclusive preparing to our transcription professionals to minimize bugs. We perform indiscriminate monitoring to verify the efficiency of our legal transcription – out coming in an accurate that will exceed your possibilities .

How we can benefit you in Legal Transcription Services?

By our offshore convenient situated in India, our Legal Transcription Services also provides you 45% or maximum optimums on present price . Cost efficiencies, safety and secrecy of data and speediness on transposition time in all our transcription services ( legal transcription, medical transcription, and voice transcription ) shape us as one of your great option . Outsource Legal Transcription Services today and begin saving your money and time.

More over since for our customer fulfillments, we provide clear pilot project that assists our customer expertise the advantage s of doing with Transcription Services beyond moving lead. Experience free to get for all your legal transcription needs ?

For more information on Legal Transcription Services you may contact us


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