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Data Capture Outsourcing Services

" Data Capture - We are at BPO Outsourcing company offers Electronic Data Capture as per our customer needs all over the world."

As a Merchandise Leader in the offshore Data Capture company, in US Business-Process-Outsourcing provides various electronic data capture and data extraction solutions implementing the latest techniques for spontaneous processes.

Outsourcing Data Capture Company

Business-Process-Outsourcing's Data capture US market points directly to combine on and offshore frameworks to convey a customized and integrated outsourced solution for complicated business process procedures. These complicated applications involves data capture services for database management, financial accounting procedures, and customer support by call center operations all with the flexibility off-shore capabilities provides concerning to volume, accuracy and rapid turnaround.

Performing the different high quality and low cost are continuous had been the twin magnets of offshore data capture outsourcing.

In essence to industry analysis, offshore customers can optimize an average of 25 to 35 percent on projects send to overseas and also ensure that this value ration will always to increase.

Business-Process-Outsourcing data capture services ensures that the cost reductions of outsourcing electronic data capture services can be consistent, we can also perceive and address the answerability of storing your properties, and provide a validated commitment to high quality and security . It's the Business-Process-Outsourcing Benefits.

Business-Process-Outsourcing Data Capture Division conveys business process enhancement solutions to our customers, who are mainly huge US corporations. These solutions involves maintenance of databases, systems and software integration programming and professional services all permit customers to transform customized exhaustive, high price business processes to our convenient in India, Mexico and China. In our domestic and offshore convenient, Business Process Outsourcing data capture solutions takes across the maintenance and minimization of the business procedures, such as:

Business Process Outsourcing is your best choice for outsourcing

Conveying of these services depends on a collection of predefined performance conditions set by the customer.

The Business-Process-Outsourcing Data capture Process Business Process Outsourcing's Data Capture division performs high-featured, cost-productive services particularly suited to high volume applications such as forms processing, image keying, data extraction from the web, electronic publication, file conversion and more.

Last 5 years Business Process Outsourcing has determined itself as a king in quality by utilizing its Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma enterprises . Our responsibility to high quality is seen in every aspect of the Electronic Data Capture process. Our TQM enterprises has indulged strong pivot on persistent quality and delivery. We direct our focus point to estimate and establish the basic reasons of any problem permitting the customer to share increased persistent rates and cost effective advantages .

Business Process Outsourcing's convenient and adept technical proficiency permits Business Process Outsourcing to catch information from any media and give the data to customer requirements. Business Process Outsourcing also determines to the business requirements of the customer by performing turn around times from just 15 minutes. Our well-experienced project maintenance and customer relationship management staff situated at our on-shore convenience can achieve all of this.

Key Applications:

Claims Processing

Increase auto adjudication rates with our complete claims processing solution

Electronic Medical

Records Hand key information for upload into EMR database

Credit Card Application Processing

Improve customer service with our complete application processing solution

Accounts Payable

Insert illegible data from invoices

Financial Services

Increase response time with accurate form fields hand keyed

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