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Collections Services

"Collections Services-We offer Collections Services Outsourcing process to customers all over the world."

In most of the companies, Collections are one of the key areas of the companies where they invest some resources they would rather be doing things better with. We will train our staff members to know your company, how you function, how you would wish to handle each of your accounts, and what phase you need to be taken in each scenario.

These services includes consistent and continuous calling on overdue accounts to collect liabilities, bargain if necessary to settle accounts, or any other distinct collection of function's specific to your company's requirements. Our trained staff members can connect directly to your accounting system to restore account, or use our in house state of the art software system for continuous monitoring of customer accounts.

The Collection Service Division of Business process outsourcing is a bonded collection of agency. As an outcome , where needed, we are pointed to go further outsourcing and handle the past due collections and/or charged off accounts beneath a contingency based third party intervention service system.

At Business Process Outsourcing, Collections divisions that point on getting clients the highest return on the lost revenues. Exploiting a team of professional third party collection representatives, we implement an efficient direct telephone contacts program to senior executive of the debtor company.

This is complimentary with letters, fax and email communication and follow-ups, including promise payment authentication and fixed arrangements for picking up payment check.

We use a number of investigating techniques and resources to learn as much as possible about the debtor, and use this information to enhance the collections efficiently so as to get the debtor to pay your account.

Our Approach

We are accurate, compatible and logical with timely follow-up processes . We negotiate outstanding balances as if they were our own, although we never lose sight that it is your money we are collecting.

We believe that you require regular access to the condition of accounts placed with us. As an outcome , we provide a variety of weekly and monthly accounts collections condition reports, including weekly electronic reports of developments and debtor feedback.

Collection Fee

We charge a low fixed Collection fee (Between 8% to 11%) of the amount collected under our contingency fee collections service system.

In this way your contingency fee collections price is estimable . This means your returns on investment will be significantly higher than with most other agencies.

To have an approach placing accounts under our contingency fee collections service system, call us and request an accounts placement form and/or to discuss any specific collections need , or send us an email.

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