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Billing outsourcing services

" Billing Services - Our main goal to produce Billing Services Outsourcing process to customers throughout the globe."

At Business Process Outsourcing, we provide Automated Billing Services and Mail Processing.

At Business Process Outsourcing, Billing is handled in a different way in every company, depending on customer's class, industry etc.

Billing Services Company in US

Whether your billing needs are considerably distinctive to your industry, like Medical Billing for instance, or general, we can handle your requirements in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our team consists of highly qualified individuals who were trained on your distinctive company requisite . These services include many aspects of Billing information, maintenance of billing periods, Billing schedules, Billing reports and also includes customer's, vendor's so on and any other specific need for your organization.

Billing Services includes:

  • Paper Billing and Mailing Services
  • Free Electronic Customer Billing and Mailing Services
  • Statements / Invoices, Letters, Advertisements and Direct Mail Pieces Processing and Mailing
  • Laser Printing and Offset Printing Press Processes
  • Inserting and Folding Processes - Hand and Machine
  • Material and Inventory Storage
  • Secure Data Uploading

At Business process outsourcing, Billing services are processed by highly qualified professionals and executed business outsource services since 1996 has demonstrated a high quality, dependable, cost effective approach for business owner ' s looking to outsource their customer billing and mailing.

We offer Complete Billing and Mail Processing Services for Business Owners.

At business process outsourcing, Our Billing Services are the complete solutions for automated billing - mailing and mail processing outsourcing services. From Billing Statement/ invoice and Letter processing to Direct Mail pieces and bulk Mailing. We are having the right equipment to meet all the needs of your business paper and electronic mailing. Our billing services, mailing services and processing services utilizes the state art of the technology designed to cut your current mail processing expenses to a minimum price .

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