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Accounts Payable Services Company

" Accounts Payable - Our main goal to produce Accounts Payable Outsourcing process to customers throughout the globe. "

At Business Process Outsourcing Accounts Payable (AP) offers Outsourcing Services Provide Significant Benefits 35% to 50% annual Accounts payable Services processing cost savings without capital investment.

Accounts Payable Outsourcing Company

Our Accounts payable Company in US use of advanced workflow and imaging technology, best practices and high levels of quality ensure that we process all clients’ Accounts Payable (AP)efficiently and accurately.

At Business process outsourcing Accounts payable (AP) changes the billing address to our PO box and we scan and enter invoice information generally within 24 hours of receipt. We then electronically route it to the appropriate managers for review and approval utilizing our web-based workflow, so the people who know whether something should be approved or not can approve.

All organizations have a defined set of rules and objectives when invoices need to be paid. This valuable area of accounting can be outsourced to our highly skilled, efficient and educated work force that will be trained on your company’s exact procedures in Accounts payable (AP). This process covers many areas such as maintaining vendor databases, receiving and processing mail, scanning documents, manual dataentry, electronic voice processing, setting vendor credit limits, processing vendor payments, maintaining vendor history, purchase history, product pricing, provide Accounts payable reports to management, cash flow projections based on A/P, processing vendor invoices and any other type of typical Accounts Payable function specific to your needs.

Accounts Payable Solutions

  • Accounts Payable Software
  • Billing & Accounts Payable Outsourcing
  • Complete Accounts Payable Outsourcing

Take complete control of your accounts payable function and reduce your costs, speed month end close and ultimately increase your bottom line.

The Business process Outsourcing Accounts Payable transforms manual and paper intensive accounts payable operations into an automated outsourced process. Our proven ability to eliminate paper from and streamline the accounts payable process, the AT BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Global AP Advantage, can help your company significantly reduce the cost to process AP invoices with no capital investment. We are the houston based Accounts Payable BPO company in US and branch office in India.

The Business process Outsourcing Accounts Payable is fully integrated solution allows customers to outsource all or part of their accounts payable business functions and is made up of following services:

Accounts Payable Invoice Scan

Relieves your secretary of valuable time from boring typing work.

  • Receiving and processing incoming mail
  • Scanning and document indexing
  • Audit and reconciliation of scanned invoices
  • 100% availability of scanned invoices

Accounts Payable Service Workflow

  • Approval and exception routing
  • Application of customer pre-defined business rules and GL coding
  • Shortened month-end closing process
  • Documented audit trail

Accounts Payable Software Invoice Entry

  • Manual and automated data entry
  • Three-way database matching
  • Electronic invoice processing

Service Payment Disbursement

  • Print and mail of checks
  • Secured maintenance of check stock
  • Online check proofing
  • Special invoice mail handling

Software Invoice Online Repository

  • Immediate online invoice access
  • Invoice transaction audit trail
  • Online access to supporting documentation required for audits

Travel and Expenses

  • Web-based, image enabled with electronic forms
  • Online approvals, routing
  • Tailored to company specific business rules and policies
  • Receipts via Fax/Mail/Image

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